Traces on the Water Mirror: The Biggest Plunder Ever Ever


This is the second volume of the trilogy promised by Captain C: Traces on the Water Mirror. The prose writer from Constanta creates a story based on history and fiction, able to win readers. The dynamic plot suggests a policier, with an unpredictable confrontation between an oppressive system and a man with a strong personality; there are also strange adventures, in searching for huge values “transported” by the leaders of Securitate over the borders, passionate love affairs and scenes of the last days in Ceausescu’s epoch. These all complete a vibrating picture described with an overflowing imagination. The writer was trained as sea captain and he was taught that a self-respecting author should follow the safe way to the shore of the Good Hope.

-Literary Critic Ioan Adam

People will be always interested in the stories with navigators and about the sea, like in the present volume, even adventures are extended on land. The events are exciting, adventurous, mysterious, full of strain and unpredictable risks, presented in a film development. The unmistakable captain Cristian Răuţă is the main character of the story and he is a demanding and sensitive witness of the confuse, dramatic and unrest contemporary society.

The novel Traces on the Water Mirror is a book expected by all the people who love literature.

-Novelist Ovidiu Dunăreanu

About the Author

Captain C was born in Dobrogea, Romania. He graduated Maritime Academy and set sail as a deck officer, chef mate, and mastered seafaring vessels. He is an honorary member of the Romanian Shipmasters Association and member of the Romanian Writers Union.