Traces on the Water Mirror: Dying to Get Rid of Communism

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More quickly than we could imagine, Captain C finished an epic trilogy of about one thousand and six hundred pages inspired by navigators’s life. It is a test of endurance that is not common to everyone. This Dobrujan Joseph Conrad’s merit is more important as readers are not bored with the novel. The author feeds skillfully the thriller plot, suspense, the turns of the secret services, heroes with multiple identities, the erotic plays where characters show their abilities, so readers wait with bated breath the end. The end is carefully prepared and it comes in the right moment, emphasizing people’s nature and finally punishing wretches, who sneaked in the society fore front. Traces on the water mirror that reached the final shore is a thrilling story about a world that we are already familiar with, the Romanian divided and hurried society, full of hate, in the last decades; Captain C tore the society’s painted veil and reveal its dramatic truth.

Literary critic Ioan Adam

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